Van Schrijven tot Veranderen

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Van Schrijven tot Veranderen

Berichtdoor Martijn » 18 Okt 2012, 01:55

Uit Heaven's blog door Sunette ... ition.html
The process of writing, self-forgiveness and self-commitments is where one get to “Know Thyself” and the NEXT STEP which humanity for generations have missed, is to actually then physically, practically Change. Meaning, one can sit and write and do self-forgiveness for the rest of your life, but if/as one for example do not get to the point of CHANGING within and as the Commitment Statements that self had placed: Nothing’s going to happen. So, again, to understand: The Writing, the Self-Forgiveness – is to get to know how the Mind and its Personalities work, essentially “how did I become who I am and how has this who I am created/manifested my experience in me, my physical body and my life in this world”, then with getting to know how you became who you are and how this who you are is creating/manifesting your world/reality and your relationship/experience with your physical-body and relationships with others – you walk the Self-Commitments, from what you’ve self-honestly realised with how you became who you are, what you accepted and allowed, the consequences you manifested/created: you can then in the commitments re-establish the Decision of Who I am, prepare the road before you of how to change from the OLD into and as NEW and then the Last and Final Step of actually LIVING/APPLYING the Change in REALITY.

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